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We are a team of mycologists, psychonauts and scientists with a deep love for nature and psychedelics.

This team has been together for 4years and we have been able to accomplish a great deal of work and growth over the years.

We are experts in the growth, production and extraction of a wide variety of psychedelics including some of the most potent magic mushrooms LSD, DMT and an exclusive collection of other psychedelics and powders.

We are based in California with over 10 distribution centers worldwide ready to provide you the best quality of you favorite psychedelics.

With several years of experience, we now consider ourselves the best online psychedelic mail order site. We have an always active customer support to assist you plus our prices are very affordable to every psychonaut.

All our packages are shipped fast and  discreetly using vacuum seal/stealth packaging with a guarantee of products to arrive in good condition.

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