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Dried Shiitake magic mushroom


The best dried Shiitake magic mushroom

Dried Shiitake mushrooms are small to medium in size and have a wrinkled, shriveled appearance with rounded caps and short stems.

The  caps should be thick, showcasing variegated hues of tan, white, brown, to dark brown, and have defined, curled edges.

Underneath the cap, the gills should be lightly colored, as darker gills may be a sign of old mushrooms.

In addition to the caps, Dried Shiitake mushrooms also contain stems that are typically discarded once reconstituted, but generally, they should be skinny, tan, and short.

Dried Shiitake mushrooms have a fragrant aroma and are crisp, brittle, and lightweight. When rehydrated and cooked, the mushrooms develop a tender, meaty texture and have a savory, earthy, and smoky, umami flavor.

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14 Grams, 1 Oz, 1 LB

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